Meet Our Educators

Our Teachers and Assistants

AART's teachers and assistants are the backbone of our organization. We are grateful to work with highly qualified, experienced educators who believe in AART's mission and dedicate their time and effort to uplifting the next generation of learners.

Our teachers and teaching assistants love what they do, and it shows! From greeting our students' bright faces at the beginning of class, to patiently guiding them through the pages of a new book, our educators demonstrate their enthusiasm for being in the classroom daily.

Given the events of the past year, our teachers and assistants have had to adapt to a new teaching environment. They have worked tirelessly to make AART's classrooms safe places to learn while maintaining a high-quality and fun learning experience. By holding classes outdoors and online and altering lesson plans, our educators have worked to meet our families where they are.

Our Volunteers

It takes a village to host AART's programs. We appreciate the individuals who volunteer their time and their resources to our classrooms, which help make the learning experience we provide so rich and memorable for our students.

We also love connecting with our community, and what better way to do that, than to bring our community into our classrooms! Our volunteers help meet the needs of both our teachers and students building positive relationships within the classroom, providing guidance, and keeping activities running smoothly. They are important members of our classrooms, and they ensure that each student is given the care and attention they need.

Want to be a volunteer? Contact us here