GiveChoose Results

Wow! We had quite an exciting GiveChoose campaign earlier this month. We exceeded our goal by raising $14,069.82!

The generosity of the GiveChoose donors allows our program to continue providing vital preschool programming to the most vulnerable children in your community and ensure they are ready for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Thank you to our amazing donors!


All Ages Read Together Announces $5,000 Matching Gift Challenge

(Herndon, VA) – Early childhood education is vital for every child to achieve success in their academic journey. It not accessible to everyone, however. Federally-funded preschool programs typically have long waitlists, and private preschools are often too expensive for lower-to-middle class families. Although Virginia delivers some preschool services, they are not universal or accessible for many families. Children entering kindergarten without preschool are often behind their peers both socially and academically.

All Ages Read Together (AART) is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to educating children in need with free preschool programs in their communities. AART envisions a future where all children, especially our most vulnerable, enter school prepared to learn. We strive for a future where public education includes universal access to preschool, making the need for AART obsolete.

AART is proud to announce a $5,000 matching gift challenge sponsored by REI Systems ( for their GiveChoose campaign. The money raised will be used to open two new summer classes for students needing critical early learning immediately before entering kindergarten.

“We are thrilled to partner with REI Systems! They have been a fantastic supporter of our mission and have actively participated in our classroom by supplying books, resources, and volunteers. They care deeply about their community and are investing in the youngest members.” Michelle Sullivan, Executive Director for AART.

Donations will be accepted beginning April 21st at 12:01 am through 11:59 pm on May 5th at